Friday, November 10, 2023

Tsao Foundation’s Self-care course is exactly what all Community Care staff need


Enhance your well-being and ability to care for others.

Let’s talk about “Self-care” that is often overlooked but crucial in the Community Care sector. It’s not just a buzzword but a lifestyle choice that can make a world of difference to yourself, clients and loved ones.

While it is an incredibly rewarding work, it can also be emotionally and physically draining. Dealing with tough situations can make you feel tired and stressed. You need time to rest and recharge.

While working as a Community Care staff is incredibly rewarding work, it can also be draining emotionally and physically. Dealing with tough situations can make you feel tired and stressed. Hence, time is needed to rest and recharge.


Self-care isn’t all about spas and Netflix binges either – it’s also about setting boundaries, seeking support when needed, or even saying “no” when you have to. Self-care is about making sure you’re in good physical shape, so it’s crucial that you nourish your body through exercising, eating well and getting enough sleep. All these activities help you stay strong and ready to help your clients.

When you take better care for yourself, you can take better care of your clients. You can make good decisions and empathise the clients better. And because you’re important to your loved ones, your actions can also encourage people around you to take better care of themselves.


That’s why the Self-care for Community Care Professionals (Basic) course was developed – to train healthcare workers on how to manage stress, stay emotionally strong and balance work and personal lives.

Here are more details about the course:

Self-care for Community Care Professionals (Basic; one-day course, $350)
Who it’s for:
Designed by Tsao Foundation to support care staff to practise better self-care, thus reducing overall work stress, and to develop a support system in maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

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