Friday, April 28, 2023

Why Ageing Actively Through Learning is Important, and What You Can Do To Help Clients


If you caught up with the Ministry of Health’s Committee of Supply debates, you might have heard of the 2023 Action Plan for Successful Ageing. Centred around the three key themes of Care, Contribution and Connectedness, it lays out how Singapore aims to work towards a fulfilling ageing journey.

Under Care, we, as a sector and community, will empower seniors to take charge of their physical and mental well-being through preventive health measures, as well as participating in active ageing programmes and care services.

Under Contribution, we aim to enable seniors to continue contributing their knowledge and expertise by enhancing the learning, volunteerism and employment landscapes for them.

Finally, under Connectedness, we want to support seniors by helping them age in a community that has an inclusive built environment and digital landscape, all while staying connected to society and their loved ones.

To support this initiative, the number of Active Ageing Centres will be increased to 220 by 2025, with the aim of reaching 550,000 participants over the next five years under the “Live Well, Age Well’ programme. This programme offers a suite of active ageing activities designed just for the seniors.

So what is your role as Community Care staff in this Action Plan for Successful Ageing? Your knowledge, skills, and support. As community partners, your expertise in understanding seniors and supporting them is crucial to help healthcare partners ensure seniors can age well in the community.

Think you need a refresher to further hone your skills and knowledge in understanding seniors? These courses by Tsao Foundation’s Hua Mei Training Academy can help! Here are more details about the courses:

Essentials of Gerontology for Community-Based Professionals (Intermediate) (3 days, $900)


This course enables support care staff to have a deeper understanding of ageing, the needs of the seniors, and the current climate surrounding the ageing experience in Singapore. It aims to provide them with the essential tools to develop deeper connections with seniors, and to better meet their care needs.

Basic Counselling Skills in Addressing Emotional Needs for Older Persons  (2 days, $800)


The course is designed for frontline staff who provide direct care in the Community Care sector. In order to deliver good and efficient care, Community Care staff have to be equipped with basic counselling skills in order to address the emotional needs of seniors, allowing them to build the essential relationships to provide emotional support.

Interested in these courses or want to find more about other courses under the Tsao Foundation? Do click into the Learning Management System (LMS) portal and filter for Tsao Foundation (TSAO) to access and learn more about the courses. Enquiries should be directed to Hua Mei Training Academy through email ( or by telephone (6593 9558).

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