Friday, October 07, 2022

How KWSH Helps Community Care Professionals Upskill Through Their Courses


We can help others more if we help ourselves as well. Nowhere is this more true than for the Community Care professionals, who require continuing upskilling to gain more skills and knowledge to provide quality care to their clients.

One such upskilling course is the Community Care Associate (CCA) Programme, conducted by Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital (KWSH) in partnership with Agency for Integrated Care (AIC).

As of Jul 2022, 37 staff from All Saints Home, St. Andrew’s Senior Care, St Luke’s ElderCare, NTUC Health and Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home went through an intensive six-week training under the CCA Programme covering 14 modules on nursing, therapy and psycho-social topics, which are useful in caring for and delivering personal care and therapy to their clients.


Apart from augmenting the staff’s knowledge to help them care for clients, the programme also emphasised the application of emotional competence to manage self-care and maintain clients.

For mid-careerists in the group, the programme provided a good grounding of the sector, giving them an overview of what they may expect as their careers progress. One participant who came from the hospitality sector said the course equipped him with the technical and operational knowledge to be an effective Community Care Associate.

Courses for Care Professionals

As an AIC-appointed Learning Institute, KWSH collaborates with partners to provide quality and affordable modular courses in clinical and non-clinical areas for Community Care professionals. These courses allow professionals to move to scaled-up and redesigned roles. Having these courses under their belt also expands their employability within the sector.

To date, care professionals can choose from over 100 courses by KWSH covering clinical, quality improvement, governance and organisational excellence and behavioural & psycho-social health/wellness domains. Some of the courses that Care Professionals could take include:

  • Introduction to Health Informatics for Community Care Professionals (intermediate)
  • Healthcare Analytics for Community Care Professionals
  • Monitoring and Management Client's Health Status (Basic)
  • Value Stream Mapping (Intermediate)
  • Managing Difficult Client's Situation (Basic)
  • Service Excellence for Community Care Sector for Frontline/ Operations level (Basic)
  • Care of Clients with Behavioural and Cognitive Issues (Basic)
  • Agile Thinking - Learning to be More Fast, Nimble and Flexible (Intermediate)
  • Communicating Across Cultures - Culture Awareness (Basic)
  • Mobility Training Workshop (Basic)
  • Community Screener (CS) (Basic)
  • Conversational Languages - Beginner courses covering the different dialects in Singapore to facilitate effective communication with clients from all walks of life.

For a list of more courses at KWSH available to Care professionals, please visit the marketplace in AIC Community Care Learning Management System (CCLMS)

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