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Courses You Can Sign Up For Now To Upskill And Learn (June 2022)


Upskilling is an important step in the journey of any working professional, regardless of your profession. In the case of Community Care professionals, being equipped with applicable skills and knowledge allows you to better care for and serve your clients.

The good news is, the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) has made it easier for Community Care professionals to gain new knowledge and skills by allowing you to sign up for courses by one of the eight AIC-appointed Learning Institutes on one platform — the Learning Management System (LMS). (You can read more about the LMS here.)

Want to upskill but don't know which course to start with? Here's a list of courses that the Learning Institutes are offering in June. The application deadline for each course is 14 days before the course date, so be sure to sign up early!

This list will be updated every month, so bookmark this page and check back at the start of each month to find out which courses you can sign up for. For enquiries on AIC Learning Network or LMS, contact us at LearningNetwork@aic.sg.


Course DateLearning InstituteLevelTopicCourse Title Course fee per pax (before GST)
1 Jun 2022HMIIntermediateLead and build teamLeading with vision $135.00
1 Jun 2022HMIIntermediateLead and build teamTransition into a Leader's Role $436.00
3 Jun 2022Dementia SingaporeBasicDementiaEnabling EDIE $126.00
3 Jun 2022KWSHIntermediateCommunicationEffective Communication Skills for Healthcare Staff (Intermediate) - 2022 $267.80
6 Jun 2022KWSHBasicBasic careCCA M1: Perform Tube Feeding / NGT for Client (Basic) $210.00
6 Jun 2022TsaoBasicBefriendingCommunity Befriending of Seniors $600.00
7 Jun 2022HMIAdvancedLead and build teamLeading and Managing Teams $436.00
7 Jun 2022KWSHBasicMedication managementCCA M2: Serve pre-packed medication and or apply prescribed topical medication (Basic) $210.00
7 Jun 2022SLHBasicSkin careWound Care (Basic) $340.00
9 Jun 2022HMIBasicService excellenceDelivering Service Excellence for Community Care $388.00
13 Jun 2022HMIIntermediateService excellenceManaging Service Excellence for ComCare 
13 Jun 2022KWSHBasicSkin careCCA M3: Prevention of Pressure Injuries (Basic) $210.00
14 Jun 2022KWSHBasicDementiaCCA M4: Care of Client with Dementia and Persons with Mental Health Issues (Basic) $210.00
15 Jun 2022KWSHBasicMental HealthCCA M5: Identify signs of possible abuse (Basic) $105.00
15 Jun 2022KWSHBasicBasic careCCA M6: Assist with Escorting Clients (Basic) $105.00
16 Jun 2022TsaoIntermediateCounsellingWorking with Families $350.00
20 Jun 2022KWSHBasicCounsellingCCA M7: Build rapport with clients and their family members (Basic) $210.00
21 Jun 2022HMIBasicChange managementNavigate Changes with Resilience $235.00
21 Jun 2022KWSHBasicSelf-careCCA M8: Apply emotional competence to manage self-care and maintain clients emotional needs (Basic) $210.00
23 Jun 2022HMIAdvancedChange managementLeading Change $545.00
23 Jun 2022TsaoIntermediateVolunteer managementEssential Foundation in Volunteer Management $350.00
24 Jun 2022HMIBasicBasic carePeripheral Venepuncture for Upper Limbs $285.00
24 Jun 2022HMIBasicLead and build teamWork in a Dynamic Team $125.00
27 Jun 2022HMIAdvancedCoaching & mentoringCreating a Successful Mentoring Program @ the Workplace $280.00
27 Jun 2022KWSHBasicBasic careCCA M12: Perform Basic Activities of Daily Living (Basic) $105.00
28 Jun 2022KWSHBasicTherapyCCA M13: Provide Dysphagia Care (Basic) $210.00
29 Jun 2022KWSHBasicTherapyCCA M14: Perform and Monitor Individualised Therapy Intervention (Basic) $210.00

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