Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Digitalise Your Organisation with This Mentorship Support Grant


As an AIC-appointed Learning Institute, Community Training Institute (CTI), Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital, has been offering courses that specialise in clinical care, organisational excellence and quality assurance. This year, they are going a step further by offering digitalisation mentorship to assist CCOs who are embarking on their digitalisation journey.

SSG’s Mentorship Support Grant

As the first SkillsFuture Queen Bee for the Healthcare sector, CTI has the expertise to guide CCOs with business process re-engineering and achieve higher productivity through automation and adoption of technologies. Under this programme, participating organisations will be able to work with a panel of industry experts to implement suitable projects related to:

  • Technology and Process Innovation: Develop pilot solutions for technology and process improvement to increase productivity and accelerate technology adoption.
  • Skills Training and Workshops: Attend masterclasses for senior leadership to analyse business environments, develop strategies and monitor effectiveness.

The associated costs are subsidised under SSG’s Mentorship Support Grant. CCOs who are keen to digitise and automate their operation and workflow may apply. For more information, please click here.

Other Relevant Courses Available

To support the Sector’s digitalisation efforts, the following courses are available under the AIC Learning Network, where in-service staff of Community Care organisations gets to enjoy course fee subsidy. Visit AIC’s Learning Network’s Course Marketplace website for a full list of courses.

Basic Cybersecurity in Healthcare (Basic) - 0.5 day
This course introduces participants to the concept of cybersecurity, threats and consequences.

Leading Automation and Digitalization Projects (Intermediate) – 1.5 days
This workshop equips participants with skills to lead digitalisation projects and achieve successful outcomes.

Key Thinking Traits for the Digital Age (Intermediate) - 1 day
Participants will be able to understand the various thinking modes, such as Human-Centricity and Customer-at-the-Core, which organisations can adopt to keep up in this digital age.

The Future of Work in the Industry 4.0 Digital Age (Intermediate) - 1 day
This course prepares participants to keep up in the Digital Age so they can take proactive steps to transform their mindset and practices to meet the new requirements of the Digital Age organisation.

Essential Cybersecurity in Healthcare (Intermediate) - 1 day
Participants will learn the fundamentals of cybersecurity, such as security frameworks, PDPA for Healthcare organisations and how to launch a cybersecurity programme in their organisation.

Digital Transformation in Health Care Sector and Me (Advanced) - 1.5 days
Participants will learn how to use digital tools in their work lives. They will also learn how to exploit digital technologies to improve performance.

About Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital

KWSH boasts over 700 beds in nursing home care. Staffed by 600 trained and professional employees, they provide inpatient services, a rehabilitation centre, a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) centre, Community Care centres and home care services that serve thousands of patients every month. Despite being a charitable organisation, KWSH remains focused on providing quality care and services to their clients. Besides its care services, KWSH also runs a Community Training Institute. For more information on KWSH’s offerings, please contact them at:

AIC Learning Institute Course Offering

Email: CTI@kwsh.org.sg


Tel: 6422 1220

Mentoring Support Grant

Email: QB@kwsh.org.sg

Tel: 6422 1275

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