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Get Comprehensive Eldercare Training Through These Programmes by Tsao Foundation


This year, Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) appointed eight Learning Institutes (LIs) to offer courses for Community Care professionals in the Community Care sector to hone their skills to care for clients. Signing up for training courses has been made easier through the Learning Management System (LMS) portal, where one can find over 280 courses. One of the Learning Institutes that provides community-based eldercare is Tsao Foundation’s Hua Mei Training Academy (HMTA).

Eldercare Courses for Singapore’s Ageing Population

As a nation with one of the most rapidly growing ageing populations globally, eldercare-centric programmes are more relevant than ever in Singapore. HMTA was set up with a vision to raise the standards and competencies of the Community Care sector through a structured competency-based training roadmap.

HMTA offers comprehensive training programmes, as well as customisable programmes, for new entrants into the sector, professionals, and those who made a mid-career switch to join Community Care.

The courses are conducted by qualified and experienced healthcare educators from Hua Mei Centre for Successful Ageing and International Longevity Centre Singapore, who align HMTA's curriculum to real-life job roles and responsibilities in eldercare.

Here are six HMTA courses available on the LMS, which offer a mix of hybrid and physical classes.

Community Befriending of Seniors ($600, 14 hours)

Participants listening to the instructor in the classroom.

Suitable for: Staff in Active Ageing Centres, Active Ageing Care Hubs and Interim Befriending Panel, providing and managing Befriending services to seniors.

What you'll learn: This course focuses on imparting the knowledge and groundwork of befriending seniors to Community Care staff and volunteers. Participants will be trained to develop effective communication and observation skills through in-person training that utilises organisational and community resources. Participants are required to complete e-learning modules before attending this course.

Activities Planning and Implementation for Day Care and Nursing Homes - Cognitive Activities ($1,800, 34 hours)

Learners taking part in a class activity of building Jenga blocks.

Suitable for: Support Care Staff

What you'll learn: In this course, participants will learn to co-develop a variety of quality, meaningful and purposeful recreational activities to enhance the cognitive well-being of their clients. The six-day course covers lectures, group discussions and activities, sharing sessions, as well as experiential learning via role-play. At the end of the course, participants will perform analysis and gradation on cognitive activities for seniors. They will also be able to properly implement and document these activities to serve their clients better.

Activities Planning and Implementation for Day Care and Nursing Home - Psychosocial Activities) ($1,800, 34 hours)

Suitable for: Support Care Staff

What you'll learn: Over six days, participants will gain knowledge on a diverse range of meaningful activities that seek to strengthen the psychosocial well-being of nursing home residents. Students will participate in lectures, group discussions, individual sharing sessions, and role-plays during this course.

Activities Planning and Implementation for Day Care and Nursing Homes - Community Reintegration ($1,800, 34 hours)

Suitable for: Support Care Staff

What you’ll learn: Participants will grasp the concept of person-oriented activities that are beneficial to reintegrate seniors into the community. Through planning group activities, participants will learn skills and knowledge on logistics, volunteer management and safety. Different client groups would be presented for learners to propose activities accordingly.

Basic Counselling Skills in Addressing Emotional Needs for Older Persons ($800, 2 Days)

Suitable for: Support Care Staff

What you’ll learn: The objective of this course is to equip individuals with the relevant knowledge and skills to address seniors’ emotional needs. As participants learn to apply communicative skills such as active listening, empathy, appreciation and affirmation, they will develop relationship-building skills.

Essentials of Gerontology for Community-Based Professionals ($900, 3 Days)

Suitable for: Support Care Staff

What you’ll learn: This course aims to equip learners with appropriate skills to adapt to caring for Singapore’s ageing population. Participants would have to recognise issues in Community Care, including ageism and understand how to approach seniors. Learners will also be taught on how to effectively communicate with various stakeholders such as caregivers and the seniors’ families.

Interested in taking up the above courses? Access the LMS portal to get started. Filter to “Tsao Foundation (TSAO) ” as the Learning Institute of your choice to find out more.

For other enquiries, please contact Tsao Foundation Hua Mei Training Academy at 6593 9558 or via email at

*Do check out the details for the abovementioned courses at the AIC’s LMS Marketplace

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