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Engage in Evidence-based Training for Palliative Care with These Courses at PalC


This year, Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) appointed eight Learning Institutes (LIs) to help Community Care professionals to hone their skills. Moreover, with the launch of the Learning Management System portal earlier this year, upskilling has never been easier!

If you're a Community Care professional looking to develop your skills in palliative care, consider one of these courses by one of the appointed LIs, the Palliative Care Centre for Excellence in Research and Education (PalC).

As a tripartite partnership with Dover Park Hospice, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine and National Healthcare Group (NHG), PalC pioneers palliative care research and education.

Palliative care training is crucial to provide a good and fulfilling quality of life for patients who are approaching end of life. By raising interest in palliative care, PalC aspires to nurture healthcare professionals and volunteers in providing support to patients.

Evidence-based Palliative Care Training and Education

As palliative care is being increasingly applied to non-cancer illnesses, PalC plans to apply evidence and learnings to palliative care delivery for other diseases. PalC courses are structured with evidence-based training and a curriculum suitable for Community Care professionals and volunteers. The LI currently offers 11 courses that cover distinctive facets of palliative care, ranging from nursing skills to applied thanatology.

PalC’s teaching faculty consists of professionals from the partner institutions, hence the course conductors possess first-hand experience in clinical and research settings. Participants would be equipped with specialist knowledge that spans a multitude of expertise and disciplines such as social work, nursing and palliative medicine, allowing them to be well-versed in palliative care.

Here are a few courses at PalC for Community Care professionals.

Workshop on Burnout and Self-care ($520, 16 hours)

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Participants reviewing artworks during the workshop.

Suitable for: Medical, Social and Allied Care Professionals, Clinicians-in-training, Caregivers at risk of stress and burnout

What you’ll learn: This intermediate course will rely on interactive and observational techniques to educate individuals on knowledge and skills associated with self-care. Participants would be involved in activities throughout the workshop that touches on self-care practices. They would be introduced to eight topics: Stress and Burnout; Compassion Fatigue and Moral Distress; Dignified and Compassionate Care; Grief and Loss; Basics of MCAT; Mindfulness Meditation; Expressive Arts Therapy; Meaning Making, and Resilience Building.

Communication, Law, Ethics and Professional Regulations (CLEAR) on End-Of-Life (EOL) Care ($350, 8 hours)

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Participants listening to a lecture regarding CLEAR on EOL Care. 

Suitable for: Healthcare professionals working in Community Care

What you’ll learn: In this course, participants will be familiarized with common  ethical issues that emerge in end-of-life (EOL) care. They would be tasked to critically examine ethical problems with appropriate tools. Thereafter, instructors will highlight the fundamental ethical principles based in a community context.

Essentials of Thanatology (EOT): Death, Dying and Bereavement ($420, 16 hours)

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Participants of EOT holding up drawings during a virtual Zoom session.

Suitable for: Doctors, Registered Nurses and Allied Health Professionals, Chaplains, Funeral Directors, Police, Emergency Medical Technicians, Volunteers or Support Staff working with ill, dying or bereaved individuals.

What you’ll learn: Participants can expect to develop the emotional competence required when caring for dying and bereaved persons. This would be done via applying theory and research that would build on one’s cognitive knowledge and empirical skills. By utilising a holistic and multidisciplinary method, this course equips individuals with death-related counselling and education.

Talk on Care at the End of Life (for nurses) ($140, 4 hours)

Suitable for: Registered Nurses, Enrolled Nurses, Support Care Staff

What you’ll learn: This course will teach participants how to identify and manage common symptoms of patients in their final hours. They would acquire a deeper understanding of psychosocial, spiritual and communicative needs of terminally ill patients undergoing EOL care.

Certificate in Community Palliative Care: Psychosocial Care (CPCC) ($600, 24 hours)

Suitable for: Allied Health Professionals, Psychosocial Care Staff, Community Nurses, Clinicians, Administrators and Managers leading care teams in community health and social service agencies supporting clients with life-limiting illnesses, Early Career Professionals in Supportive, Palliative and EOL care.

What you’ll learn: In this course, participants will learn the various types of psychosocial issues that patients experience towards the end of their lives. By taking part in role-plays and discussions with trainers, they can familiarise themselves with such examples and implement suitable frameworks in real-life situations.

Interested to learn more about PalC’s courses? Here’s a summary of other courses to explore:

Course Title Course Level Who is this for? Why take this course? Course Fees*
(after GST)
Course Date/ Time Registration Details
Certificate in General Basic Palliative Care (CGBPC) for AHPs Intermediate Allied Health Professionals (Art and Music Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Social Workers) and Palliative Care Staff (Pharmacists). It expands participants’ knowledge on how to competently work in a Palliative Care multidisciplinary team in given scenarios. $963.00 8 Oct to 29 Oct

Registration starts in Sep 2021
Certificate in
Basic Palliative
Care (CBPC) for RNs
Intermediate Palliative Care Staff (Registered Nurses). It informs and educates participants with theoretical and practical knowledge in providing skilful support for Palliative Care patients. $1,605.00 8 Oct to 26 Nov 2021

Registration starts in Sep 2021
Talk on Pain Management
(for Nurses)
Basic Enrolled Nurses and Nursing Aides working in Nursing Homes, Hospices or Community Hospitals who care for patients with life-limiting conditions. It equips participants with necessary knowledge in Pain Assessment and Management, including frequently used drugs and its side effects. $149.80 Late Sept 2021

Time and date of course TBC
Registration starts in Aug 2021

To embark on your professional development, access the Learning Management System (LMS) to get started. Filter to “The Palliative Care Centre for Excellence in Research and Education (PALC)” as the Learning Institute of your choice to find out more about the courses offered.

For other enquiries, please contact Palliative Care Centre for Excellence in Research and Education at 6500 7269 or via email at enquiries@palc.org.sg.

*Do check out the details for the abovementioned courses at the AIC’s LMS Marketplace

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