Thursday, February 04, 2021

Video: What is it Like Being an Advanced Practice Nurse?


In our three-part video series titled Questionable Foosball, we got students from various backgrounds to grill our Community Care professionals on what it is like to work in the sector, common misconceptions and more.

We’re all familiar with nurses, but did you know that some of the nurses are Advanced Practice Nurses? What exactly are they and how does their job differ from a Registered Nurse?

Two Nursing students from Nanyang Polytechnic speak to Dover Park Hospice’s Sylvia, Singapore’s first Advanced Practice Nurse, to find out more about her job.

Watch the video below for more.

What it's Like Being a Physiotherapist

The second episode features Siti Khalijah Binte Abdul Aziz, a Senior Physiotherapist from AWWA Ltd, who gives two Catholic Junior College students, Berlyn and Wan Ling, an insight into her job and how she relates to the seniors while helping them with physical rehabilitation.

When asked how she communicates with seniors who are only fluent in dialect, she revealed that she knows basic Mandarin, having been enrolled in a Mandarin-speaking kindergarten when she was young. She then proved her linguistic ability by breaking into a little bit of Mandarin and even a Hokkien phrase that she picked up from a senior client!

Watch the video below.

What it's Like Being a Medical Social Worker

In the first episode, Alain Quek, a Medical Social Worker (MSW) from Jamiyah Nursing Home, gave Muhammad Afzal, a third year Social Work major from Singapore University of Social Sciences, a sneak peek into what he does as an MSW—all over a game of foosball.

Both Alain and Afzal also made surprising revelations on what inspired them to delve into social work.

Watch the video below to find out.

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