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10 Inspiring Quotes From Community Care Professionals to Motivate You in 2021


2020 brought us highs (hello COVID-19 vaccine!) and lows, but we have finally closed the chapter and are now ready to start another. Need a little pick-me-up to start 2021 with an inspiring bang? We’ve rounded up 10 motivational quotes from Community Care professionals on their experiences gained and lessons learnt in the sector to get you started. It’s time to reboot, refresh and start the year on a positive note!

On gaining life lessons

“Working as a nurse has enlightened me to what really matters in life, health and relationships. Without your health, you will not have the freedom of movement which, as healthy adults, we often take for granted. As a nurse, looking after patients with varying health conditions gave me an intimate look at how fragile life is and made me prioritise cherishing my loved ones.”

- Wong Vern Tym, Nurse Clinician, SingHealth Community Hospitals

On the importance of sharing knowledge

“Always be eager to learn and improve yourself. As you grow, share your knowledge with others so that we can all improve together.”

- Lo Shiang Lan, Grace, Assistant Nurse Manager at Society for the Aged Sick

On staying optimistic

“There will always be support if you look for it. It is important to surround yourself with positive thoughts and start working on the challenge; you’ll probably realise that things are not as bad as you think."

- Ng Qi Wen, Senior Staff Nurse at NUHS Community Campus

On keeping your passion alive

“Find your passion, do what you love, and don't worry about the rest. I tell myself to be mentally prepared for challenges as being a nurse is a tough job. It is both an honour and responsibility to serve my patients."

- Aguilar Alma Abarientos, Senior Staff Nurse at NKF Singapore

On overcoming challenges

“Without challenges, I will never realise what I can become. Whenever I am faced with a challenge, I always remind myself of this quote by marathoner Jerry Dunn: ‘Don't limit your challenges, challenge your limits.’”

- Lydia Quah Mei Hwei, Senior Staff Nurse at Dover Park Hospice

On the importance of lifelong learning

“I believe that learning is a journey that never ends. I will take every situation as a learning experience, and go for appropriate training to fill knowledge gaps.”

- Cahatian Niel Caderao, Assistant Nurse Manager, All Saints Home

On making a difference

“Joy and satisfaction at work makes a difference in people’s lives. I feel good when I see improvement in my residents. It also gives me inner peace when I’m able to provide emotional support by holding the hands of family members who have just experienced tragedy.”

- Punitha D/O Ram Keelavan, Nurse Manager, THK Nursing Home @ Hougang

On what matters the most

“Keep learning and acquiring new skill sets to keep growing. Challenges are part and parcel of my journey as a nurse. I need patience, perseverance, and tolerance to overcome challenges but ultimately, the happiness of my patients makes it worthwhile.”

- Rosmah Bte A. Hamid, Senior Staff Nurse at Assisi Hospice

On finding fulfillment

“Nursing has given me the purpose and meaning in my life. I have learnt that our actions, be it small or big, can make a positive difference to one or many lives. If one has the desire to learn the skills and knowledge to help and care for the sick, being a nurse can be fulfilling!”

- Priscilla Chng Hsing Yun, Assistant Nurse Clinician at Yishun Community Hospital

On providing quality care

“It is important to recognise patients as unique individuals to give patient-centric care with a heart and hope. This way, nurses can touch every patient's life. Treat your patient as you want to be treated.”

- Lingaraj Prabha, Nurse Manager at Ren Ci Hospital

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