Thursday, March 26, 2020

A healthy community


Delphine Chen’s parents were taken aback when she told them she wanted to become a nurse. They’ve heard about the demands of the job, and wondered if Delphine could have a healthy work-life balance. Yet, they did not let their concerns stop Delphine from going after her dreams. As time passed, the Chens began to realise the pivotal role nurses play in caring for others.

For Delphine, being a nurse has been an eye opener as she got to see the importance of rehabilitation in ensuring the full recovery of patients. What eventually prompted her to take up a Community Nursing Scholarship was the desire to help improve the quality of life of patients – especially those with chronic diseases and are recuperating at home.

“Helping my patients when they are at their most vulnerable and staying close to them throughout their recovery journey makes nursing special to me. Recently, I had a patient who was discharged… he left a lasting impression on me. At first, I did not think that I would ever see him again or if he would even remember me. One day, while I was having my meal, a young kid approached me and said that his grandfather would like to thank me for my care during his hospitalisation. To my surprise, it was that same patient again – looking even healthier than before! It’s in these little moments that I find true happiness and joy in nursing.

Upon graduation, Community Nursing Scholars undergo a one-year development programme. The first posting will be at a hospital to allow them to gain exposure to a wide range of clinical cases and gain hands-on training to hone nursing clinical skills. After which, I will be posted to a community care institution to gain deeper understanding of community nursing practice. With today’s rapidly ageing population, community nursing becomes even more pertinent. As it is, there are those in the community with prevailing chronic diseases who require long-term management. As a community nurse, I would like to advocate for the promotion and management of good health while at home, or in an environment they are comfortable in.”

- Delphine Chen, Staff Nurse, Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH)

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