Monday, March 02, 2020

Definitely a Highly-skilled, Noble Job


“Confirm or not? Don’t play play until you regret.” Low Pei San remembers hearing these remarks when she decided to join the nursing profession. Her career choice had surprised many, even herself!

Pei San admitted that she never thought of becoming a nurse despite being awed by the healthcare professionals she had seen in medical dramas. This changed when a friend roped Pei San in to apply for a nursing diploma course – kickstarting her journey in nursing.

Going the extra mile
Now a Staff Nurse at St Luke's Hospital - Singapore, Pei San said, “Some people. told me that working in a community setting means I can work at a slower pace compared to the acute setting – a far cry from the truth. Regardless of where we work, nurses go to great lengths to care for our patients.

At St Luke’s Hospital, patients spend an average of three weeks to recuperate and rehabilitate. This means we have more opportunities to hear their stories, get to know their family members and better understand how they are coping with their sicknesses. This helps us to connect and build stronger bonds with our patients. My stint here has made me a more understanding person.”

A highly-skilled profession
“In the course of my work, I have gained experience in wound management and palliative care. After being a nurse for six years, I sometimes still hear comments like ‘You didn’t study hard when you were young, that’s why you are a nurse.’ The truth is, nursing is a highly-skilled profession that requires both theoretical and practical knowledge. Thankfully, I have patients who appreciate our work. Simple comments from them like ‘Missy, my wound is getting smaller and 'Thank you for taking the time to clean my wound’ make me feel happy.

“Nursing requires a whole set of skills, which we pick up naturally as we grow in the profession. It’s not about how much we earn, it’s about how much we learn. As nurses, we need to be selfless. That is why nursing is a noble profession,” she said.

You can be like Pei San and make a difference in the community. Click on the link to apply for the Community Nursing Scholarship:

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