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IGNITE Programme Returns for Module Two


In the second module of AIC’s IGNITE programme this year, 43 participants got hands-on to make bags with used coffee and tea packaging, visit a hydrotherapy pool, and tour training simulation rooms.

IGNITE is a middle-level management three-part module programme customised for managers in the Community Care sector. Designed to provide an overview of the evolving sector, the programme aims to raise awareness of services and schemes available to seniors and provide a platform for networking between peers. You can read more about what happened in the IGNITE Programme’s first module in April here.

The three-day second module took place from 17 to 19 July. Participants from 24 organisations visited the Singapore Association of Mental Health (SAMH) MINDSET Learning Hub, AWWA and St Joseph’s Home.

Touring the SAMH MINDSET Learning Hub

The MINDSET Learning Hub in Jurong East is a training facility for Persons-In-Recovery of mental health-related conditions. The Hub provides its wards with Workforce Skills Qualifications training in industries such as cleaning, food and beverage, hospitality, healthcare support and retail.

For the half-day visit, the IGNITE participants saw some of their training facilities, such as the Training Cafe, Food and Beverage Training Room and the Hotel Housekeeping Simulation Room. Along the way, they also learnt from Ms Voon Yen Sing, SAMH’s Assistant Director of Clinical Services, about mental health awareness support in the community.

Getting ready to begin the half-day tour of the SAMH MINDSET Learning Hub
Taking a look at SAMH MINDSET Learning Hub’s Training Cafe

Visiting Various AWWA Centres

The participants were given the opportunity to visit a few of AWWA’s facilities, including its Day Rehabilitation, Senior Activity and Dementia Day Care centres, as well as its community homes for seniors, housed within converted HDB rental blocks.

These facilities are all part of AWWA’s services for seniors. A Singapore-based social organisation, AWWA provides help to various disadvantaged groups across all ages, from early intervention for pre-schoolers to accommodation support for low-income seniors.

Participants at the Learning Journey to AWWA

Over there, the participants had first-hand experience with some of the regular centre programmes as well as opportunities to interact with the seniors. At one of the handicraft sessions, they even got to try their hands at making bags from used coffee and tea packaging, with guidance from the senior residents.

Mr Sairam Azad, Deputy Director of AWWA Health and Senior Care, also shared with the participants information about AWWA’s current programmes and upcoming events.

Participants trying their hands at making bags from used coffee and tea packaging at one of AWWA’s centres

Exploring St Joseph’s Home

At St Joseph’s Home (SJH), participants had a chance to learn about the experiences of the staff as well as visiting SJH’s intergenerational playground and the hydrotherapy pool.

The intergenerational playground is built to foster closer interactions between the young and the old. It creates a dynamic common area for seniors and juniors. There is a see-saw with a ramp to allow residents on wheelchairs to be able to enjoy riding on the see-saw with the young ones, and a merry-go-round with wheel-locks for wheelchairs and custom-built seats for toddlers.

Over at the hydrotherapy pool, the participants learnt how it is used in the home’s senior rehabilitation programmes. For example, seniors who have chronic arthritis in their knees can use the buoyant force of water in the pool to help them to regain the ability to walk and perform other daily activities, without enduring the sharp pain of trying to do the same exercises on hard ground.

The last part of the visit was a Leadership Conversation with Sister Geraldine, Executive Director of St Joseph’s Home. She shared with participants her vision to build a person-centered home that values human dignity.

(First row, third from the left) Sister Geraldine, Executive Director of St Joseph’s Home

Getting a Bird’s Eye View on Community Care initiatives

On the final day, the participants came together for a sharing session where they discussed various topics in the Community Care sector, such as quality and productivity initiatives to grant applications and manpower development initiatives.

“The module gave me a good overview of the key areas of work, and is a good introduction to new leaders in the Community Care sector,” said participant Mr Ng Herk Low, Director of Health and Senior Care at AWWA Ltd.

Another participant Mr Goh Teck Koon, Assistant IT Manager at HCA Hospice Care, felt the tour was very well organised, and thanked the hosts for a very hospitable and passionate tour.

It’s graduation time!

The IGNITE programme's third module will take place in October. Stay tuned to mosAIC for more!

If you missed it, you can read more about what happened in the IGNITE Programme's module in April here.

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