Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Nurses’ Merit Award - Goh Ling Ling, Staff Nurse, St Luke’s Hospital


“When I was an engineer, I thought being a nurse was as simple as providing basic care such as changing diapers or wound dressings, feeding and showering patients. However, after working for six years as a nurse, my perception has changed. Nurses do a lot more.

Nurses played a big part in my recovery when I met with a motorcycle accident in 2002. I faced difficulties in performing daily living activities on my own. During that two-week hospital stay, I felt that nursing is a meaningful profession.  

My mother played a huge part while I was thinking about a career switch. She had diabetes and developed complications that led to a mild stroke and recurring wounds. When my mother who was living in Malaysia came to Singapore to seek better treatment, I became more involved in caring for her. During this period, I developed a higher interest in nursing, especially in wound care.

Today, one of my key roles is to help patients manage their emotions, which St Luke’s Hospital places a lot of emphasis on. I recall caring for an end-of-life patient. On the day the patient passed away, his wife hugged me while crying and told me that he finally passed on. At that moment, I felt that I am more than a nurse. I felt like a family member who had been their pillar of support and went through their most difficult period together.

I am happy and contented when patients express their gratitude for the care that I gave them. This tells me that I have made a difference in their lives.”

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