Friday, August 17, 2018

Nurses’ Merit Award - Lee Jing Ru, Senior Staff Nurse, Dover Park Hospice


Ms Lee Jing Ru, Senior Staff Nurse at Dover Park Hospice with her father and Ms Chin Soh Mun (Director, Nursing) and Sister Catherine Chua (Nurse Manager).

“I’m supposed to be the one caring for patients, but I’m humbled and grateful that my patients care for me too. That’s why I’m inspired to keep going.

I have been working in Community Care for almost five years, and I remember a memorable encounter while caring for a patient with metastatic lung cancer. One night, he was given a dose of breakthrough morphine as he was feeling breathless. While waiting for the medication to work, I stroked his hand to comfort and calm him. He noticed that my hands were cold and started warming my hands instead. That was a touching moment for me because while he was in discomfort, he wasn’t thinking about himself, but for me.

Receiving the Nurses’ Merit Award means a lot to me. I am honoured and grateful for the recognition. It inspires me to continue doing what I am doing. I wouldn’t have been able to receive this award without the guidance and support rendered by my Director of Nursing, Ms Chin Soh Mun and my Nurse Manager, Sister Catherine Chua.”

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