Monday, July 02, 2018

Industry Development Workshop


On 27 June 2018, 111 representatives from 65 Community Care organisations came together for an Industry Development Workshop organised by AIC.

The sharing covered two key manpower initiatives –
1. Manpower and Employee Engagement Survey: The objective of this project was to build a comprehensive understanding of the current workforce profile, hiring trends and employee engagement. The results will enable a more targeted approach in designing manpower related programmes and schemes to support the growth of the sector.

2.Development of Community Care Skills Standards Framework for Support Care Roles: To enable licensed healthcare professionals to practice at the top of their license, some of the more routine clinical tasks currently delivered by professional healthcare professionals can be delegated to support care staff with proper structured training. This skills standards framework aims to articulate clear skills standards required for these enhanced job roles of support care staff, and to provide a more skill-based career progression pathway to attract and retain locals in the community care sector.




MOH representatives also shared on the Community Care Manpower Development Journey. The workshop concluded with a Q&A session.






Here's what some participants thought about the workshop:

"The new Skills Standards Framework provides a good insight into the multiple defined roles/tasks needed to support the care of the elderly." - Kate Koh, Deputy Chief Operations Officer, Society for the Aged Sick

"Good insights on the engagement report." - Yasmin, Director of Human Resources, Ren Ci

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