Thursday, May 24, 2018

Healthcare Humanity Awards (Honourable Mention) - Audrey Tan, Therapy Assistant, TOUCH Home Care


It warms my heart to see seniors taking small steps and working hard to regain their mobility. It’s also fulfilling to watch them making the effort to connect with residents and enjoying a closer relationship with their families.

I joined TOUCH Home Care (THC) six years ago as a Senior Care Associate (SCA). I provided services like housekeeping and personal hygiene, such as helping seniors bathe, trim their nails, clean the house and conduct activities to keep their minds active.

I’ll try to put myself in their shoes, and treat all the seniors with respect. Through my experience, I find that it’s important to be patient with them. The seniors may be moody at times, but we need to be mindful that they are in constant pain from their chronic illnesses. We need to continue caring for them even if they get a little restless.

Many seniors think that therapy is not important and may resist our efforts to help them. Now, I provide support to seniors who have completed their three-month therapy sessions and keep tabs on their progress in keeping up with their exercise regimen. The senior must want it - and believe in it - for therapy to work.

There are many people out there who have lost hope in life. Sometimes, all they need is a pat on their shoulder and a listening ear.

I may face challenges from time to time, but seeing the seniors getting back on their feet is very rewarding. I am like their pillar of support, uplifting their spirits when fear or depression sets in and provide positive reinforcement to help them achieve their desired goals."

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