Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Exploring the world… without having to travel


Mdm Koh Foong Peng had always wanted to see the Great Wall of China. When she finally got the chance, she was moved to tears at the sight.

The 81-year-old resident at Methodist Welfare Services Nursing Home – Yew Tee was not there in person though. With the aid of virtual reality, she was able to see the Great Wall without having to travel to China.

“It has always been my life’s dream to see the Great Wall of China in person, and I felt like I was actually there,” she said.

Mdm Koh teared when she saw the Great Wall of China.

The experience took place on 14 April 2018, during the home’s first Virtual Reality session. The session was organised in partnership with Limbang Community Club’s Youth Executive Committee.

Due to physical, mental and social reasons, residents in nursing homes often spend the rest of their lives in the institution. The home decided to introduce residents to virtual reality to transport them to a world outside the nursing home, and experience new environments. Residents who are bedbound but lucid can also take part in the experience.

The home also plans to use these sessions to encourage engagement among residents. An ambulant resident and a bedbound resident will be able to share and discuss their common experiences after a virtual reality session. This will help to increase social interaction among residents, keeps them engaged and helps to build closer bonds.

Photo(s) credit: Methodist Welfare Services

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