Thursday, December 21, 2017

Nurses' Merit Award 2017 recipient - Gurdev Kaur D/O Harnam Singh, Assistant Nurse Clinician, St. Andrew's Community Hospital


“I wanted to work in hospitality when I was young. However, due to my father’s wishes, I joined nursing and found my true calling. I went on to join St. Andrew’s Community Hospital’s Home Care Service in October 2010. During a home visit a few years back, I noticed that my client was suddenly gasping for air while I was dressing her wound. I immediately took her clinical parameters, telephoned her son and called for an ambulance. The paramedics began immediate resuscitation upon their arrival. I did my best to comfort and calm down her helper and son who were crying.

This experience left a huge impact on me because as home care nurses, we work very independently and have the responsibility of making quick decisions about care. We also need to show care and comfort not only to our patients, but to their family members and caregivers as well. I enjoy community nursing as it allows me to journey alongside my clients, and I always try to add a personal touch in my interactions with them.

At times, being a community nurse is not easy; it requires a lot of commitment, empathy, and good interpersonal skills. But in the end, when I arrive at my patients’ homes, the smiles that light up their faces, their gentle holding of my hand and their soft “thank-yous” make it all worthwhile.”


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