Thursday, December 14, 2017

Highlights from Sparkle Care @ Yew Tee's opening


On 25 November, PAP Community Foundation (PCF) celebrated the official opening of its second Senior Care Centre – Sparkle Care @ Yew Tee. The centre provides day care services for seniors who are frail and have dementia, as well as rehabilitation for those recovering from physical conditions such as strokes and physical impairments. Check out the photos for the highlights of the opening ceremony and a tour of Sparkle Care!

The Community Rehabilitation area is located just across the Main Day Care area so that clients can easily access both services.
The opening ceremony began with Sparkle Rhythm, a musical performance, by clients from Sparkle Care @ Yew Tee and children from PCF Sparkletots @ Yew Tee.
Sparkle Care Tunes from Sparkle Care @ Changi Simei also showcased their hidden talents with a song and dance.
Guest of Honour, Mr Lawrence Wong, Minister for National Development and Second Minister for Finance, and Chairman, PCF Council of Management, announced that PCF plans to open three more Sparkle Care senior care centres within the next two years.
Mr Wong and Mr Alex Yam, Member of Parliament for Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC, unveiling the Official Opening Plaque on stage. On the extreme left is Victor Bay, CEO, PCF and on the extreme right is Tan Song Mong, Director, Senior Care Division, PCF.
One of the activities at the centre includes “Cotton Bud Popping Art”, where clients meticulously paint dots on various paper cutouts.
The clients were very focused in completing their art pieces, which not only stimulated their minds but also provided a therapeutic experience for them.
Another regular activity at the centre is making cornflake cookies which involves teamwork.
Mr Wong, Mr Yam and a client posing with her “Straw Flower Art” piece.
Mr Wong even joined a client who was completing his art activity.
After touring the Main Day Care area, guests were invited to tour the Community Rehabilitation area. Here, a client is enjoying her exercise session.
Besides physical exercises, clients also engage in other forms of activities such as “Card Matching”.
A client exercising her arms with a lat pull HUR machine.
Wendy Lim, Head of Rehabilitation Services, PCF and Mr Wong encouraging a client to strengthen his legs with a Leg Curl and Leg Extension HUR machine.
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