Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Seniors with mobility issues get much-needed "Assist"


Good news for our seniors! They can now enjoy the enhanced uberASSIST transport option, which enables elderly persons with mobility issues (e.g., using a walking frame or wheelchair) and persons with disabilities to commute with greater ease. Seniors tapping on Community Care services can also arrange with their care partners to use uberASSIST to ferry them between home and eldercare centres.

Following the launch of uberASSIST in 2015, AIC began to collaborate with Uber in September 2017 to enhance the service. Since then, the transport option has been improved by increasing the number of trained driver-partners from 70 to more than 500 and enabling easy access to the option in the Uber app, without any promo code required.

All uberASSIST driver-partners have to undergo a training course developed by AIC. The three-hour course includes learning about various types of mobility aids as well as hands-on practice on lifting and transferring seniors. Driver-partners are also trained to assist and better communicate with seniors living with dementia.

Yesterday, mosAIC had the opportunity to attend the official launch and demonstration of the enhanced uberASSIST. Check out the photos to see uberASSIST in action!

You can watch a video of the launch here.

Julie Ong, Centre Manager, St. Andrew’s Senior Care (Henderson) with her client and uberASSIST user, 80-year-old Mdm Song Moey Moey. Julie shared, “With uberASSIST, we are assured that the driver-partners will smoothly assist clients into the cars without our staff having to be physically present. This puts our minds at ease and allays our worries.”
Guest of honour, Mr Amrin Amin, Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs & Ministry of Health, meeting Mdm Song before the demonstration of uberASSIST.
During the demonstration, Mr Amrin played the role of Mdm Song’s caregiver. Here, he is asking Mdm Song where she wishes to go so that he can book for her an uberASSIST car via the Uber app.
Mr Amrin then escorted her to the uberASSIST car together with Warren Tseng, General Manager, Uber Singapore and Malaysia.
Mr Amrin then escorted her to the uberASSIST car together with Warren Tseng, General Manager, Uber Singapore and Malaysia.
Ryan first assisted to transfer Mdm Song out of her wheelchair.
To ensure the safety of Mdm Song during her journey, Ryan also assisted to buckle her seat belts.
Mdm Song waved happily at the crowd as the uberASSIST car drove off.
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