Saturday, November 18, 2017

Nurses’ Merit Award 2017 recipient - Mok Foong Yue, Clinical Manager, Tsao Foundation (Hua Mei Mobile Clinic)


“When I was young, becoming a nurse was never my ambition. It was only when my younger sister was diagnosed with leukaemia and I spent six months caring for her in the hospital did I begin to understand the important role nurses play. I then went on to work as a nursing aide for a few more months. These experiences sealed my decision to join nursing 23 years ago despite my dad’s objections. My most memorable client was Mdm L. She was a homebound single elderly who had just lost her only son, and her main caregiver, to a sudden heart attack. Being relatively bed-bound, she was supported by home care services and was plagued by hopelessness and helplessness. Together with my team, we worked towards building a trusting therapeutic relationship with Mdm L.

It was especially poignant when I gained her trust and it was then that I better understood my role as a Community Care nurse. I looked beyond medication checks and compliancy and became a confidante who journeyed with her till the end. The experience also constantly reminds me to uncover the unique needs of each client and to bring them patient-centred care and consolation. This award is a recognition of all Community Care nurses who have silently contributed for many years. I am truly inspired to do more!”

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