Friday, November 03, 2017

Nurses’ Merit Award 2017 recipient - Zhang Xia, Clinical Nurse Manager, National Kidney Foundation (NKF Singapore)


“My parents, who worked in healthcare, inspired me to join nursing in 1993. During my early years as a nurse, I noticed the same few kidney failure patients making constant trips to the hospital. This subsequently spurred my desire to make a difference in the lives of kidney patients. During a hospital attachment, I was assigned to perform urinary catheterisation for a patient who suffered from urine retention. The great discomfort and pain she was in brought her to tears. She felt so much relief following the catheterisation that she thanked me profusely. I am grateful to be awarded the Nurses’ Merit Award. As nurses, we have to be our patients’ pillars of support by serving with selflessness and compassion. Hence, the award is not just about my own growth but it is also a testament to the progress of our patients and their families.”

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