Monday, October 30, 2017

Transport services for day care clients get moving


Since January 2015, AIC has worked with 11 eldercare centre partners through the Regional Centralised Transport Service to provide transportation to clients in daycare facilities.

Under this initiative, a fleet of 17 specialised vans operated by Handicaps Welfare Association and Silveray Pte Ltd - Wheelchair Transport has ferried more than 400 seniors to and from eldercare centres located in the Central and Eastern regions of Singapore.

With the success of the two-year pilot, AIC went on to launch the service island-wide in February 2017. Two more transport operators, Caring Fleet Services Limited and Singapore Red Cross Society, have joined the initiative, bringing the total number of operators to four. The fleet will gradually grow to 82 specialised vans, enabling seniors across Singapore to enjoy greater accessibility to care.

For more information, contact AIC at 6603 6800.

“The Centralised Transport Pilot has tremendously helped All Saints Home in supplementing the shortfall of our drivers and care escorts. This has allowed us to focus more on our core function.”

– Pak Chee Meng, Centre Manager, All Saints Home – Tampines Centre. Joined Pilot on Nov 2015. Transport operator: Silveray Pte Ltd.

“We are pleased with the Centralised Transport Pilot and are able to rely on the transport programme.”

– Chi Xiao Hua, Centre Manager, Ling Kwang Home for Senior Citizens. Joined Pilot on Dec 2015. Transport operator: Handicaps Welfare Association.

“It frees us from the challenges of managing the manpower, vehicle and route planning. This is especially helpful for us as a new operator of Senior Care Centres.”

– Seah Sok Eng, Director of Nursing, Lions Home for The Elders. Joined Pilot on Apr 2016. Transport operator: Handicaps Welfare Association.

“The Centralised Transport Pilot has been a hassle-free system which enables us to free up our time to focus on other important issues for the benefit of our clients. The transport operator is reliable and consistent in providing the transport service for New Horizon – Tampines Centre.”

– R. S. Chandraajothi, Centre Manager, New Horizon – Tampines Centre. Joined Pilot on Jan 2016. Transport operator: Silveray.

“AIC’s Centralised Transport Pilot is a success. It enables more patients within our vicinity to continue their rehabilitative activities at Ren Ci Day Rehabilitative Centre.”

– Joshua Lee, Assistant Director, Operations and Facility Planning, Ren Ci Hospital. Joined Pilot on Jul 2015. Transport operator: Handicaps Welfare Association.

“SPD is glad to participate in the pilot which enables us to serve more elderly people. Thank you, AIC!”

– Abhimanyau Pal, Executive Director, SPD.Joined Pilot on Dec 2014. Transport operator: Handicaps Welfare Association.

“Both staff and management have done their best to ensure the service provided is smooth. They have gone the extra mile to ensure our clients are well cared for, especially those with dementia.”

– Mina Lim, Deputy Director, St. Andrew’s Senior Care. Joined Pilot on Apr 2015. Transport operator: Handicaps Welfare Association.

“Being a part of the pilot has allowed us to serve more clients.”

– Adeline Lee, Centre Manager, Tembusu Eldercare Centre. Joined Pilot on Aug 2015. Transport operator: Handicaps Welfare Association.

“We are able to provide services to the community for needy citizens. The pilot project is very convenient and efficient.”

– Sathiyabama Thirupathiswamy, Centre Manager, Thye Hwa Kwan Moral Society (THK) SAC@AMK. Joined Pilot on May 2015. Transport operator: Handicaps Welfare Association.

“The service provider is flexible in adapting to our growing capacity and the attendants are attentive to our clients’ needs.”

– Irwan Taib, Centre Manager, THK Senior Care Centre. Joined Pilot on Nov 2016. Transport operator: Silveray Pte Ltd.

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