Thursday, October 19, 2017

Return to nursing, with some help

Two decades after leaving nursing to bring up her children, Lily Goh, 56, decided to return to her true calling as a Staff Nurse at nursing home, XiSer CareServe.

To ease her journey back into the healthcare sector, Lily attended Return-To-Nursing (RTN), a funded three-month refresher course that aims to equip returning Enrolled and Registered Nurses with the knowledge, skills and values needed to re-enter the workforce proficiently.

Thanks to RTN, Lily can once again do what she loves with confidence. She shared, ā€œI found RTN essential for bringing me up to speed on current nursing practices. Although I did not find using computers easy, I was fortunate to have my children guide me. I am happy to be back in nursing, in a new Community Care setting, and I feel at home here.ā€

For the latest RTN opportunities, visit this link.

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