Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Nurses’ Merit Award 2017 recipient - Cao Min, Clinical Nurse Manager, National Kidney Foundation (NKF Singapore)


“My grandfather passed away when I was about nine years old. A nurse consoled me and gently explained that he couldn’t go in peace unless I accepted his death. The warmth in her voice resonated in me and sparked my desire to join nursing. I once had a client, who, upon learning that he needed dialysis for the rest of his life, sank into depression and lost meaning in his life. I asked him to focus on the love for his son and imagine what would happen to his son if he was no longer around. I also asked him whether he wanted to see his grandchildren one day. After our chat, I noticed a gradual change in his attitude towards dialysis. Today, he is doing well in his treatment and even found a job. This is what nursing means to me – to be a voice of assurance and encouragement, especially when clients feel that their world is falling apart. My compassion for them drives me to do my best as a caregiver, educator and advocate. To me, the award is a celebration of nursing and our commitment to making a difference to our clients.”

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